Thinking Matters…for Innovation

In my last blog I explored the relationship between thinking and innovation. Interestingly, in Innovation Economics by, Robert Atkinson and Stephen Ezell, thinking is directly associated with a company’s or nation’s ability to innovate better.

They argue that, “success for any organization, whether a company or nation, depends first and foremost on an ability to challenge status quo thinking, for “groupthink” leads individuals to believe that they know what the problem is (or worse, that there is no problem in the first place). ..For any nation [or company] to win in the race for innovation advantage, it has to start with thinking and, where necessary, challenging the prevailing thinking.”

I couldn’t agree more. In my experience working with numerous organizations it is apparent that an understanding of how the organization thinks provides important insight related to advancing its innovation agenda.

Dr. Brett Richards, Ph.D.

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