The Doctor is in…

I successfully completed my Final Oral Review (FOR) today which means I have accomplished all of the requirements for my Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems.

I indicated in my last blog that I would introduce the INQ-I, which I developed as part of my doctoral studies. The INQ-I (Innovation Quotient Inventory) has proven to be internally reliable and structurally valid. It provided valuable insight to the four organizations that participated in my research investigation and, importantly, accurately represented their organizations innovative capability.

It consists of 8 factors, called Orientations, which influence an organization’s innovative potential. What is most interesting is that it actually provides a pulse of an organization’s overall ability to achieve intelligent action, and not just its innovative potential, per se.

It does this because the INQ-I is designed as a systems tool, which taps into elements that drive effectiveness within the whole organizational system. The INQ-I assesses key capacities that influence an organization’s ability to effectively respond and adapt to market and competitive complexity and change.

I’ll be talking a lot more about this exciting new empirical tool in future blogs and publications.

Yours truly,

Dr. Brett Richards, Ph.D.

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