How You Think…for Innovation

An integral component of an organization’s innovative capability revolves around its cognitive style. Cognitive styles of leaders and teams influence, among other things, the process of attention. In other words, what kinds of knowledge, information and ideas are deemed to be relevant and vital to achieve effective action.

Connective Intelligence possesses deep expertise in a premier thinking skills system which assesses the cognitive styles of leaders and teams in organizations around the world. I have mentored with Jerry Rhodes over the last 18 years who developed what is known as the TIP (thinking-intentions profile). Connective Intelligence utilizes TIP and other thinking tools, under license, from Jerry Rhodes.

From an innovation perspective, Rhodes’ TIP has proven to be very helpful in building clarity around the thinking requirements at each phase of the innovation process, as well as mapping the cognitive (thinking) styles of innovators and innovation teams.

Thinking is a critical component of innovation. Assessing how you think and how your team thinks will make a significant difference in achieving effective innovation performance and results.

Dr. Brett Richards, Ph.D.

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