Discovering Your Emotional Power

Do you ever ‘think’ about what emotion you are feeling at the moment you are feeling it?

When you are face to face with tight deadlines, clients who want contracts yesterday, and a boss who is under pressure all at the same time, how do you respond to the stress of the situation? How do you relate to others when you get frustrated? Do you explode or hold it all in?

A key challenge for most people is to become more aware and skillful at utilizing our emotional abilities. Being able to reflect on the day’s events to explore what triggered your frustration or anger will help to increase personal resilience and you will be able to respond to Life’s pressures in such a way that is effective, rather than destructive.

Our Emotional Power® Model helps people identify and harness The Right Emotion at the Right Moment™. Contact us if you would like our support to improve personal and team performance in the critical area of emotional intelligence.

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